Why Do We Heat Treat Wooden Pallets and Crates?

Wooden pallets, crates, and wood dunnage are all considered wood packaging materials (WPM). Any products shipped overseas accompanied with WPM will require to be certified and accompanied with an approved IPPC stamp (International plant and protection convention) in accordance to the ISPM 15 standards.
Why is it important to heat treat wooden pallets and crates?

It […]

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Considerations When Purchasing New Wooden Pallets

Historically pallets are not perceived as a high priority packaging component with most companies. However in reality… pallets are the world’s largest shipping platform, and play a key role in all aspects of the supply chain from start to finish. Having a better understanding of your specific pallet requirements, will assist you in making […]

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How to Prevent Wood Pallet Damage

Wood pallets are designed to handle heavy loads and handling wear and tear. They safely carry thousands of pounds while being lifted by a pallet jack or forklift, which in turn transports the load to warehouses, container vans, trucks, and more.
The repeated impact and force on a pallet eventually may lead to damage requiring […]

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ISPM-15 Requirements for International Shipments

ISPM-15 compliance refers to the requirements when pallets are crossing international boundaries. ISPM refers to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. These standards were adopted by the International Plant Protection Convention, an international agreement that deals with wood packaging materials. It is important to understand that for your international shipments; new pallets and or […]

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Tips on proper pallet handling at the workplace

If you are manually handling pallets, ensure that you are using good quality gloves to protect your hands from injury caused by wood splinters or nails. Be particularly careful with injuries caused by rusty nails. Rusty or not, an injury related to a puncture can be minimized when wearing appropriate gloves.
Avoid walking over pallets. […]

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Will it be refurbished or will it be new?

During the past two to three decades recycled pallets have become an increasingly popular choice for transporting and distributing products/consumer goods. From the transportation business to warehousing to packaging and manufacturing, today the recycled pallet has become the pallet of choice. Customer perception about the use of pallets has definitely changed.
This change is due […]

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Used Pallets and Material Handling Equipment Upgrades

A common issue when companies look to improve or upgrade material handling equipment in their operation is that consideration into the type of pallet that will be utilized with this equipment is often overlooked. This can lead to very disappointing results in the overall efficiency, return on investment, and success of the intended upgrade. […]

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Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet racks are shelves where pallets are stockpiled. Each of these racks can efficiently cater hundreds of pallets contingent on the size. These pallet racks are exceptional in managing the space inside a store or warehouse. Pallet rack systems have different types and configurations; they can be heavy or light duty, closed or open […]

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Why Manufacturers Choose Wooden Pallets

Importing and exporting products from one place to another is common amongst all businesses big or small. With this, companies are looking for ways to transport their products safely with minimal to no damage done, and the safety of their products often relies on the kind of pallets being used.
Pallets make it more efficient […]

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Hire a Pallet Repair and Management Service Provider Now and Break the Wastage Cycle of your Company

Every single commercial establishment, regardless of their location, try their best to save money in every way possible. Loss of money due to poor material handling practices should be avoided and small changes to pallet specifications can provide long term benefits and cost savings. Simply changing the strength of the leading edge boards of […]

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