Who We Are

Woodbridge Pallet utilizes two indoor facilities comprising of 180,000 square feet complete with 20 loading docks and six-plus acres of land for storing, sorting and transport maneuverability.

To surpass demand and quality requests, we have incorporated conveyor systems, automated sorting, stacking, repair and nailing equipment to assist in the demand for proficient and prompt pallet construction and repair.

Woodbridge Pallet oversees the repair and creation of over 15,000 pallets per day; therefore to keep up with customer demand we employ increased efficiency, technological advancements, and up-front communication. Customer satisfaction is our single motivating factor.


Our History

1985- Established
1995- Expanded into its 110,000 square foot facility in Woodbridge, Ontario
2005- Opened a 70,000 square foot secondary facility in Toronto, Ontario
Today- Currently operating two facilities plus a logistics fleet of 4 trucks and 70 trailers



What we are

The continued growth and success of our business stems from an open and transparent way of doing business. Dependable business dealings and a quality product are key to Woodbridge Pallet’s solid reputation.

We strive to set new standards, utilizing new technology, and implementing automated equipment. Woodbridge Pallet is recognized as an innovator in creating new industry standards and reducing pallet management costs for clients.

We are committed to the advancement of the pallet industry. To uphold and improve industry standards, Woodbridge Pallet holds a Board Member seat on the Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA), as well as membership in the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA).