Precautionary Measures for Handling Wood Pallets

Pallets are a critical part of industrial or warehouse life. They are remarkably helpful in allowing people to move loads in a quick and safe manner. Pallets are used almost everywhere, but we tend to forget how harmful they can be if not used correctly.

Pallets used in daily supply chain operations could cause various types of injuries such as: sprained ankles, puncture wounds, or broken toes (among others). Injuries to workers due to careless operations can be costly to a business. It is advisable for people handling pallets to take precautionary measures and avoid unnecessary harm. Here are some important tips to ensure safety while using pallets:

General Safety Tips

  • Before using any pallets, inspect their physical condition and store them safely with a manageable load.
  • Replace or repair broken or cracked pallets.
  • Ensure that the stringer is in good condition. Damaged stringers should be repairs immediately.
  • Regularly inspect pallets for wood splinters or nails.
  • Clean wood pallets regularly cleaned if you are transporting food or other items that might harbour bacteria.

Pallet Handling and Use Safety Tips

  • Always use gloves when handling and using wood pallets.
  • Do not throw away pallets; dispose of them safely.
  • Do not walk on top of wood pallets.


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