Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Wooden Pallets

Keeping wooden pallets in great shape is needed to ensure their functionality and the safety of the people moving or transporting them. This is especially true in large warehouse or factory settings. Wooden pallets often support well over a thousand pounds. Even when using a pallet jack, it is important to identify when a pallet needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are signs that a pallet needs repairing:

  1. Rotten Wood – Wood that has rotted is weak in strength and stability. It can also easily break and erode if liquids are spilled on it. Spot rotted wood by looking at the colour, and condition of the boards. They will often take on a darker color and may start to splinter. Placing heavy loads onto these pallets is not safe. If they are not repaired quickly, the wood can splinter and break at any time.
  2. Oxidation –Wood pallets that have been exposed to the elements over time will expand and contract and eventually will become dry and brittle. Pallets will appear grey in color. Various species of wood react differently to the elements however grey in color is a sign that the pallet life is somewhat questionable that this stage.
  3. They Do not Lie Flat – When a pallet jack is placed on the ground, a Pallet should lie completely flat or “flush” with the flat surface. If it rocks back and forth, the pallet has warped or is damaged. This pallet is no longer safe to transport heavy loads. It could become unbalanced and cause the load to fall. This situation is especially dangerous for workers and forklift drivers in a warehouse.
  4. Visible Breakage – If you notice a wooden pallet is chipped, cracked, or missing slats, it is time for repair or replacement. A slat (deck board) that has loosened from the base also needs attention. A broken pallet cannot properly bear the heavy weight for which it was built. It may also cause splinters or injury to the person handling them.

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