Why Manufacturers Choose Wooden Pallets

Importing and exporting products from one place to another is common amongst all businesses big or small. With this, companies are looking for ways to transport their products safely with minimal to no damage done, and the safety of their products often relies on the kind of pallets being used.

Pallets make it more efficient for carriers to move around large and heavy items. There are various materials that pallets can be made from such as plastic, metal, cardboard and wood. Most often than not, most companies will prefer wooden pallets – why?

The use of wooden pallets has provided business owners an array of benefits. Perhaps, the main reason is the cost. Wooden pallets typically are the most cost effective solution compared to other types of pallets. With this, businesses can minimize their product costs especially when shipping to locations where pallet recovery options are limited.

Aside from being cost effective, wooden pallets have proven to be durable and can carry weight capacities much higher than other materials are able to handle. With this durability, transporting and stacking heavy product make it the preferred material for most industries. Moreover, wooden pallets are easily available. A common misconception is that trees are harvested and cut to manufacture wooden pallets. Most lumber used in pallets comes from trees that have already been cut for use in the housing and construction industries, the premium grade pieces are cut from the tree and the remaining lower grade pieces are then sold and used in pallet manufacturing.

Newly Made Pallets

–From the word itself, these pallets are newly manufactured. The usual material used is virgin lumber, but other materials can be utilized to build these pallets. Since these are cut and made to order you can choose the size that you want so the pallet can be made according to your needs and specifications.

With large orders of pallets, concerns that unused pallets or even already used pallets will go to waste but that is not a case for wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are reusable and are easily repairable. Even when a pallet has reached its end of life, it can be recycled and turned into landscaping mulch products. From beginning to end the environmental impact is minimal when looking at the full lifecycle of a wooden pallet.

With all those benefits acquired through the use of wooden pallets, it is no wonder why businesses would opt for it. Cost effective, durable, easily available, reusable, and recyclable wooden pallets have given us a reliable solution for easy transporting services.

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Pallets that are Heat Treated – This type of pallet is designed to meet ISPM regulations, by heating the internal temperature of the wood to 56 degrees Centigrade for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure any pests are eliminated prior to shipping overseas.