Market Conditions and Lumber Prices

Market Conditions

There are many factors contributing to reasons for pricing fluctuations and trends in the lumber industry. Recently it was noted that Russian softwood exports to the USA were up 40% while German softwood exports were up tenfold. Canadian exports fell 1%. This general information alone provides a scope of just how much material is generated for export to the USA from Canada in comparison. Canada is by far the largest producer of lumber exports to the USA.

With dollar exchange rates, SLA tariff tax in conjunction with government subsidies, NAFTA talks, housing units supply, and demand, BC and CA wildfires, rebuilding from recent hurricanes and other export demands, are all core ingredients that trigger pricing trends and lumber availability. In surveying core suppliers the indication is lumber prices are advancing.

Recycled Pallet Market

Market Conditions and Lumber Prices

Over recent years the market has seen significant increase in prices for recycled pallets. As well, there are many factors contributing to these increases including pallet core pricing, reductions in overall supply with increased demands, higher operating costs and more. Although recycled pallets are a great alternative, supply and demand are the challenges today with most recyclers.

Budgeting for Pricing Trends.

Market Conditions and Lumber Prices

With a good understanding and relationship between client and supplier business models and their industry is a good start. Continued collaboration on industry updates, and key drivers, along with any operational or process changes, will benefit both companies in planning to budget accordingly for both supplies and purchases of finished product.

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