Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet Rack SystemsPallet racks are shelves where pallets are stockpiled. Each of these racks can efficiently cater hundreds of pallets contingent on the size. These pallet racks are exceptional in managing the space inside a store or warehouse. Pallet rack systems have different types and configurations; they can be heavy or light duty, closed or open tubes, selective pallet rack systems, and so forth.

Pallet rack systems can be created and designed depending on the user’s requirements. However, it is important that customers need to take value, safety and strength into consideration. At this present time, pallet racks are subjected to meticulous quality and safety regulation. Thus, the pallet design and quality that is intended to be used within these racking systems play an important part whether is a new pallet or used pallet.

Designing pallet rack systems is complicated. With developed handling apparatus, rack systems have very stern tolerances. In addition, the types of racks have also improved: selective pallet racks, reel rack, carpet rack, bolt connection racks, empty pallet storage racks, combination or custom racks, structural rack, drive-through pallet racks, push back pallet racks, pallet flow rack, double-deep selective, and drive-in pallet racks.

The foremost facets to keep in mind while designing pallet rack systems are the functioning requirements such as retrieval requirements, storage density, ease of operation while obtaining pallets, and so forth. The type of construction used is also vital. If intended to use recycled pallets within racking systems consideration for extra support bars or wire mesh base should be given to provide additional strength and safety for pallets suspended above.

Almost all of the rack failures are associated to lift truck damages, poorly engineered systems, or overloading. It is extremely vital that the load must not cause too much deflection on the pallet and pallets are designed to withstand the intended load. Utilizing pallet design software we can provide drawings and weight capacity data to ensure the pallets you are using can withstand the pressure put on it while sitting in your racking system.