Considerations When Purchasing New Wooden Pallets

Considerations When Purchasing New Wooden Pallets

Historically pallets are not perceived as a high priority packaging component with most companies. However in reality… pallets are the world’s largest shipping platform, and play a key role in all aspects of the supply chain from start to finish. Having a better understanding of your specific pallet requirements, will assist you in making the right choice.


Understanding the need for new pallets will have a wide variety of contributing factors. Customer driven, shipping export, automation and efficiency, consistency, warehousing, product sensitivity, and more.


Considerations When Purchasing New Wooden Pallets

New pallet costs can vary and pricing will be directly associated with the type, size, volumes, materials, and manufacturing processes to assemble. Materials used are commodity based, and pricing will fluctuate based on market trends for demand in specific market sectors.


Pallet sizes and type can vary and are directly associated with specific demands and requirements including, product applications and cube, automation, racking, handling equipment, customer requirements, etc.


Pallets manufactured in North America are normally built with varying species of lumber harvested in Canada and the United States. Mainly the two categories are mixed hardwoods and mixed softwoods. Each species, carries their own unique characteristics and will vary in density, strength, grain, color, and reactions to the elements.

Considerations When Purchasing New Wooden Pallets

Strength and Durability

Depending on size, design, materials used, environment and their intended use, will be contributing factors resulting in the durability and life span of the product.

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